Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear bloggie

Dear bloggie..
i am very sorry that i have left you for quite some times..
i am sorry if i have hurt you..
i am sorry..that you actually hurt me too..
i dont know whether it is for good or for bad..
but i have left you..
and you left me too..
i do hope that we both are happy with the decision that we have taken..

dear bloggie
i do wish that i have enough time for you and for me..
in fact i am very tired..
i wish i do have the time..
you know i have been in this situation for years..
sacrificing for others and leavng very little for myself..
i don't know for how long i will have to go through all this again..
but god knows ...
ohhh bloggie...
if this is fated for me..
i have to bear with..
and hopefully that one day i will be rewarded for all that i have done..
but surely not on my death bed..
dear bloggie..

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